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Vivenda Belo Horizonte - Estrada do Cristo Rei, Garajau - Caniço 9125-057 Madeira Island

Vivenda Belo Horizonte

Welcome to Vivenda Belo Horizonte. An uninterrupted 180º overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Set in Atlantic Ocean on parallel 33 the Madeira archipelago is about the same latitude as Casablanca and Bermuda.

Garajau area it’s a miniature of Rio de Janeiro’s statue of Christ of Redeemer was erected on the wild rocky headland at the southern end of the village 1922.

The terns (Garajau in Portuguese) that gave their name to the village can still be seen from the ziggas path that winds down the cliff face to a pebble beach below the head land.

Due the Gulf Stream flows past the islands allowing water temperatures hanging from 18 Cº in winter to 24 Cº in summer, perfect for swimming, diving and every kind of waters sports.

Garajau is the tip of a large underwater mountain. Just five kilometres of the coast of the ocean floors plunges to a dept three thousand metres, which explain why we can see so many huge creatures swimming so close to land.

Whales can be sight from many view points on the Island.

The dolphin species, common dolphin, bottle nose dolphin can be seen once providing a boat trip.

The underwater landscape of Madeira composed of shallow rocks and reefs, caves and drop off make it an especially attraction.

The maritime reserve of Garajau, East of Funchal was created in 1986. Considered till today the first maritime reserve in Portugal. It is an extraordinary reserve. Among the existing fauna fish of big sizes can be found as grouper, devil fish and manta, whose gracious movements turns the place into International attraction, along with the great diversity of coastal species.

Fish accept peaceful the human presence and allow the freedom of swimming among them, which is an excellent opportunity of taking rare photos.


Due the location of this nice villa you will enjoy from the uniqueness of an amazing landscape as wells as the Charcos place considered Zen area unique in the World. Near by, you have like in Brasil the same kind of the famous statue of “Cristo Rei”. From there you can enjoy a nice view over the large Bay of the city. 

There is the possibility to use the new infrastructure of the cable car a few yards from the house with the particularity of swimming in the warm sea water down the hill where the house is placed.

By the sea side you have a beach complex, were you have a very good seafood restaurant offering a chance of a memorable lunch or a romantic dinner with candle lights.

The stunning place overlooking the beautiful bay and harbour of Funchal at nigth looks like a creche due to the multi colored lamps shinning the City of Madeira Island